Ceiling is a very effective component in the perception of a space because it occupies large place when proportioned to all surfaces of space. It is possible to have a suitable ceiling design for all purposes by using form, color, light etc. As for suspended ceiling system, expectations are more different.

Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems are preferred in order to conceal all installations in the ceiling, to mount many components such as lighting fittings and fire detectors, to fulfill acoustic conditions, to provide unprecedented interior space conditions and of course to eliminate acoustic concerns.

With its structure that can be integrated with perfect acoustic and lighting systems, Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems make contributions to a better working ambient and more effective business performance as a result of this.

Currently, devices such as ventilation, fire-fighting systems, most of which are in attics, are used in order to both improve ambient conditions and to provide life safety. Requirement of access to such devices for the purpose of repair and maintenance is one of the principal ideas that contribute to the creation of Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems.

Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems are manufactured from materials with different characteristics such as glass wool, rock wool and plaster in order to meet different requirements according to the features of the space where they shall be used.

ASPEN Yapı ve Zemin Sistemleri is ready to share its experience and knowledge in order to meet functionality desire of contemporary architecture with its Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems manufactured with all those different materials.